Tales From The Floordrobe - Poster

Tales From The Floordrobe

City: St. John's
Genre: Kids & Family

The St. John’s sketch comedy troupe, Mom’s Girls - Liz, Ally, Andie, and Stef- dive into the Floordrobe - an eclectic collection of clothes and toys on the floor of Ally’s messy room- to find bright and fun outfits and props to re-enact the story, performing various characters and inanimate objects. This is a bright comedy for young ones. Tackling themes of interest to kids, they insert representation into classical stories that don’t express a female perspective, learning some lessons, and having a whole lot of fun while they’re at it!

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Episode 1- Treasure Island

Stef’s bummed out because it was “talk like a pirate day at school”, but the boys in her class told her that there were no girl pirates. Well, Liz and Andie disagree. They tell Stef about Anne Bonny and other famous female pirates, then using their imagination, they are transported to the story of Treasure Island!

Episode 2- As You Like It

Liz, Ally, and Andie are all feeling like they need to make a big change! Andie wants more time in nature, Liz is growing sick of her long hair, and Ally is realizing skirts maybe just aren’t her thing. Stef knows the perfect story- As You Like It, by William Shakespeare.

Episode 3- Athena

When Stef’s teacher tells her that she can’t help around the classroom as much as the boys, the friends take a wild journey to Ancient Greece to learn about Athena.

Episode 4- The Legend of Arthur

Ally is feeling down about her volleyball skills after a tough practice. To help Ally feel more confident, Liz tells the story of how a regular kid becomes a king in The Legend of Arthur.

Episode 5- Frankenstein

Andie’s was bad in class again, but this time? This time there were consequences. Andie was supposed to take home the class hamster for the weekend, but she lost the privilege after behaving irresponsibly. Naturally, this reminded Ally of the spooky tale of Dr. Frankenstein and the creature he failed to take responsibility for.

Episode 6- Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Self esteem is at an all-time low for Liz, Andie, and Stef today. But Ally has the best story for lifting up their spirits! They each jump into the role of Goldilocks in the iconic story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but this version has a Floordrobe twist!

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