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East Coast Kids

Year: 2021
Genre: Entertainment

East Coast Kids travel around their home island of Cape Breton and discover the fun activities, culture, and music that the island has to offer. They meet with people who are doing some amazing things. They learn about culture, history, sports, and craft that is happening on their Island while showcasing the beauty of Cape Breton.

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Episode 1

The East Coast Kids visit Highland Bow and Arrow in Wreck Cove, Cape Breton. The owner, Jay Rawding, gives the boys a guided tour of the park, teaches them how to shoot arrows like professionals, and lets them check out the 3D shooting range.

Episode 2

Liam and Lucas visit a little shop in Ingonish, Cape Breton, called Salty Rose’s and the Periwinkle Café. Here, they meet with owner and jewelry designer Caitlyn Purcell, tour the shop, check out the food in the restaurant and make stack rings for their Mom as a gift.

Episode 3

The East Coast Kids spend the day at Membertou Trade and Convention Centre where they learn what happens behind the scenes for the Livestream production of the Celtic Colours International Festival, chat with Ashley MacIsaac, world renowned fiddle player, Beòlach and the Executive Director of the Festival.

Episode 4

Liam and Lucas head to North Sydney to visit Chef Richie Moore and his wife Leslie. They own the restaurant, Lobster Pound & Moore that specializes in seafood cuisine. Chef Richie shows the boys how to cook fish and try fish they have never had before. Lucas says he does not like fish so this should be an interesting experience for him.

Episode 5

The East Coast Kids spend the day with Kyle McPhee. Kyle is a leather maker whose workshop is based in Sydney, Cape Breton. They learn how to make leather dog collars for their pets, Scruffy and Floyd and talks to them about how he ended up in this craft.

Episode 6

Liam and Lucas travel to Cape North in the beautiful highlands of Cape Breton. They meet with Dan Murray who shows them how to cross-country ski. They also run into the Nova Scotia cross-country ski team and they teach the boys a few tricks.

Episode 7

The East Coast Kids go to Membertou Heritage Park to meet with Jeff Ward. They invite their friends Fern, Veida, and Oona on this adventure where they make drums. They learn about the culture and history of the Mi’kmaw people. The drum is deemed one of the sacred instruments as it represents a mother’s heartbeat.

Episode 8

The East Coast Kids take a tour of the Miner’s Museum in Glace Bay, Cape Breton. They are introduced to Wish Donovan and Sheldon Guthro who walk them through the coalmine. They explain the long and rich history of coal mining in Cape Breton. Again, Fern, Veida and Oona join the boys on this adventure.

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