Forest Kids

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Forest Kids

Year: 2021

Forest Kids is a series that re-introduces children to the wonders of the woods. It helps to bring kids closer to nature at a time when the gap between children and our natural world has never been greater.

Getting outdoors is better for our mental health, better for our physical health, and better for the Earth. In the face of ‘indoor-i-cation’, Forest Kids offers a glimpse of what childhood used to be, and still can be. The unwritten rule of forest school is to embrace the unexpected, just like the weather. It’s always sunny on Forest School days.

To watch Forest Kids:

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Episode 1

There are many skills to learn in the forest, like balance and strength and precision. The Forest Kids show us how it’s done!

Episode 2

Messy play is fun, and so are chores like doing laundry outdoors. And after chores, come rewards – like puddle jumping.

Episode 3

The Forest Kids use their imagination to make magic in the woods. And the toddlers go on a woodland walk for the first time.

Episode 4

Making art in nature is fun, and the Forest Kids show us how it’s done with stuff found in the woods.

Episode 5

The Forest Kids become beekeepers, and later, they meet new chicks and watch the ducks go for a swim.

Episode 6

The Forest Kids make music in the woods before making mandala art.

Episode 7

Once they’ve picked some food from their garden, the Forest Kids enjoy lunch and then clean up.

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