Ug Wug

City: Saint John
Director: Brian Finlay
Genre: Kids & Family

This is the story of a little girl named Ariel. Her whole life is changed during a mother/daughter summer vacation when she accidentally meets and befriends the legendary sea monster Ug Wug.

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Episode 1

Ariel and her mother Kris Ann arrive at their annual summer vacation spot. Leaving mom to unpack, Ariel embarks on her first beach combing adventure if the season, only this year she would find a treasure unlike any other, the legendary Ug Wug.

Episode 2

Ariel seeks to befriend the Ug Wug but an unfriendly observer has plans of their own.

Episode 3

Ariel discovers her connection to Ug Wug is telepathic, in fact through Ug Wug's eyes she sees and hears Mr. Green plan to capture Ug Wug.

Episode 4

Ariel, in a panic to check on Ug Wug, finds herself having to introduce Ug Wug to her mother.

Episode 5

Ariel, Mr. Van Der Zee and Kris Ann regroup trying to figure out what to do about Mr. Green and Ug Wug. Van Der Zee's reveals who Mr. Green really is.

Episode 6

While Ariel, her mother and Mr. Van Der Zee are having breakfast, they have an idea on how to keep Ug Wug safe from Mr. Green, who is desperate to get evidence of the sea monster.

Episode 7

It is time to say goodbye to Ug Wug, but a confrontation with Mr. Green causes Ug Wug to stand up for itself.

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