Hop & Pumpkin

City: Winnipeg
Director: Bryan Webb
Genre: Kids & Family

Join Hop and her little brother Pumpkin to discover the amazingly diverse wildlife and flora of their Boreal Forest home in Manitoba. Hop finds herself on an adventure, with her little brother tagging along. Inevitably a problem pops up that the two need to solve by discovering new things around them. The two adventurers inspire each other’s creativity to identify increasingly zany ideas to solve the problem until little Pumpkin gently reminds Hop that a simple solution often solves the problem best.

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Episode 1

After Pumpkin’s hat gets swooped away by a Bluejay, the pair race off to the rescue only to find the hat stuck high up in a tree. After coming up with some whacky solutions, Hop and Pumpkin get a helping hand from a watery friend.

Episode 2

Two hungry foxes go looking for their favourite berry bush only to find all the berries are missing. After some sneaky detective work, the pair track down the missing berries and help a new friend along the way.

Episode 3

After Hop’s apple is taken away by a mysterious shadow, the pair set out to trap the shadow. Not only do they come up with some wildly imaginative ideas but they manage to make a surprise friend along the way.

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