Heart Fun

City: Saint John
Director: Kaiya Hemmings
Genre: Kids & Family
Host: Kaiya Hemmings

11-year-old YouTuber and youth activist Kaiya Hemmings refuses to let the pandemic stop her from having adventures, being creative and sharing messages of love. Heart Fun follows her and her family as they explore their own ‘backyard’ and be creative with the things they already have.

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Episode 1

Kaiya and her family rent a motorhome to travel their province. Their adventure has a beach theme that takes them to a new beach every day where they get creative with a sand sculpture at their last stop!

Episode 2

Family friend and space-nut Andrew Tidby blows Kaiya's mind when he explains the size and scale of our solar system. They head to the beach for a scaled demonstration!

Episode 3

Kaiya and her extended family go for an overnight sailing trip!

Episode 4

Kaiya and her sister Willow prepare for her aunt Sue and cousin Aren's birthday party!

Episode 5

Kaiya reminisces of the days before the pandemic when families could travel. She recounts her adventure to Mexico that she had a few years back.

Episode 6

Picked fresh from the community garden, Kaiya makes an organic squash soup.

Episode 7

It's Thanksgiving and Kaiya's family and neighbours celebrate together at a very special place called King's Landing.

Episode 8

Kaiya and Willow pick out a Christmas Tree. Kaiya then plants new trees to ensure sustainability.

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