Wild Child

City: Atlantic
Director: Nathan Fleet
Genre: Kids & Family
Host: Rylan Bomberry

A wilderness skills challenge for kids. Five pairs will compete in fifteen outdoor challenges, gaining points, news skills, and (hopefully) the Wild Child crown.

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Episode 1 - CAMPING

The teams start with a splash in Paddle Up! - a canoe challenge that tests their skills on the water. Don’t forget to duck under the bridge! Then it's off to the campsite where setting up a tent will prove more difficult than expected in Home Sweet Home.

Episode 2 - HUNGRY

A mystery box is introduced, containing helpful items for upcoming challenges. Catch It! - The teams get hooked on this fishing challenge, despite the icky worms and a runaway fish. Don’t Touch! - Storing your food so animals can’t reach it in the wild is tricky. Watch the various approaches and team dynamics through this unique (and slightly dangerous) challenge.

Episode 3 - THE HUNT

Stay alert in the archery challenge, as teams zero in on the Bullseye. Then things get quiet in the woods for a Creature Hunt. Teams keep their cameras ready to find living creatures on a remote trail.

Episode 4 - SURVIVAL

X Marks the Spot is an orienteering challenge that sends teams navigating through the woods with a park map and a compass. The endeavour is tough for some and sends them on a wild goose chase. This one is not for the squeamish!


Under The Boardwalk - in this scavenger hunt challenge, teams will need a keen eye to find several hidden plants and trees along an epic boardwalk in the swamp. Then teams will have to use elements of nature around them to create an art piece of their favourite animal in this challenge called Mona Leafa!

Episode 6 - FIRE

Three challenges require the teams to gather their fire supplies, light the fire, and then keep it going long enough to roast a marshmallow. Plus, they’ll learn how to use a pocket knife to make a roasting stick. Laughs and stories around the campfire are much needed as the teams prepare for the final chapter.

Episode 7 - COURAGE

Who’s the Boss - this challenge surprises the teams by bringing their parents into the mix. This time, they must build a tent - but only the parent can do the work. . In the final challenge, Rescue Me, the show hosts are stranded on the water in a canoe without paddles, and the teams must all work together to bring them to shore. Then, the winner is finally announced!

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