Bake Sale Show Down

City: London
Director: Mark Drewe
Genre: Food
Host: Reta Ismail

Two teams of avid bakers go head-to-head in a bake sale battle to determine whose tasty treats can raise the most amount of money for their chosen charities. Join host Reta Ismail as she puts the bakers to the test against the elements.

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Season 1

Episode 1

Host Reta Ismail takes two teams to the park and challenges them to create their featured recipes outdoors in an unexpected rainstorm. A second obstacle stumps both teams in the middle of their half completed creations.

Episode 2

Christmas in the Village has both teams thinking festive with their creations. A team of flying sugar seekers ambush the bakers and start a series of crises. A scavenger hunt sends two contestants into town for a secret ingredient.

Episode 3

Junior bakers take the lead outside a downtown market. Host Reta Ismail presents a special ingredient that leaves both teams baffled. A teammate saves the day after slipping up earlier.

Episode 4

Old East Village welcomes two teams for a bake off battle. The sun and wind creates early havoc. A physical challenge leaves two contestants breathless.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Apple Land

Host Reta Ismail invites two teams to the apple orchard where both teams face early morning oven woes. A scavenger hunt for special ingredients causes one team member to get lost.

Episode 2 - Powerhouse Brewery

Two teams of veteran bakers square off at local brewery during Oktoberfest celebrations. An ingredient challenge infuses inspiration into each teams’ creations.

Episode 3 - Boler Mountain

Two mother-daughter teams bond over baking in the great outdoors. The strongest baker finds herself in the middle of a dizzying disaster, and a search for mystery ingredients takes two contestants to new heights.

Episode 4 - Victoria Park

Special Guest Chef Michele Lenhardt joins Reta to judge the teams’ creative confections. A difficult ingredient trips up both teams, and a local high school takes a big interest in the bake sale.

Episode 5 - Growing Chefs

Two teams of basic bakers team up with professional chefs to raise money for a children’s food charity. A tricky challenge sends the amateurs bakers into a panic as one team makes a critical mistake with their featured creations.

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