City: Hamilton-Niagara
Producer: Kurtis Leon Baker
Director: James Hunter
Genre: Food
Host: Michelle Rabin

Host Michelle Rabin visits six restaurants in the food capital of Canada — Hamilton, Ontario, and meets with six passionate online reviewers to learn about their food reviewing ways. Together they DISH IT!

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Episode 1 - Narula’s Authentic Indian Cuisine

Michelle sits down with Haley Regan at Narula’s Authentic Indian Cuisine where they discuss Haley’s long standing love affair with food and wine. Haley lets Michelle in on why she could never be famous… Hint: Tom Hanks is involved.

Episode 2 - HAMBRGR

Michelle sits down with Divya Patel at HAMBRGR King William where they discuss the importance of food reviewing and their love of french fries. Divya takes a risk to try the restaurant’s Nutella & Banana Next Level Milkshake and Michelle goes beyond her comfort zone with Sweet Potato Fries.

Episode 3 - Donut Monster

Michelle sits down with Hamilton-based real estate mogul Rod Frank at Donut Monster. Rod and Michelle bond over their new love for a sugary donut snack and try a special way to order a milkshake.

Episode 4 - Radius

Michelle sits down with super-taster Trisha Muldoon at Radius in Hamilton. After diving into colourful looking steak and seafood dishes, dessert brings them a perfectly cooked pie and a towering, multi-layer chocolate cake that blows Michelle away.

Episode 5 - Bread Bar

Michelle sits down with Sequoia Moss at Earth to Table: Bread Bar Locke where Sequoia hypes up the fast-food scene in the Bahamas before preparing herself for her first fresh farm-to-table experience. After trying fennel in a salad for the first time, Sequoia and Michelle dip their way through two delectable pizzas.

Episode 6 - Mexican Kitchen

Michelle sits down with Dorothy Land at the incredible family-run Mexican Kitchen hidden away at the Hamilton Farmers Market. Eating what the chefs suggested, Michelle and Dorothy try a signature dish that’s the first of its kind in Ontario and ignites a required return to the restaurant.

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