Gina’matimg: Time of Learning

City: Atlantic
Producer: Eliza Knockwood
Genre: Docuseries

Four youth from Epekwitk are tasked with seeking knowledge that will assist them in a 24-hour survival challenge. What will the elders and allies teach them, and will it be enough to survive the challenge? Who will make it to the end?

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Episode 1 - We are all connected

Dylan, Jade, Ruby and Tyra begin with visiting a unique area of the Morell River. Greeted by Starchild, the youth are guided in a meditative ceremony to support them in connecting to their Ancestors, Mother Earth and the spirit of the Morell River.

Episode 2 - Acquiring knowledge, is not easy

Dylan, Jade, Ruby and Tyra visit ally Hannah Morell Watershed Management coordinator who shares her knowledge of the Morell River. From there the youth visit the Head of the Hillsborough watershed coordinator Nic who dives deeper into the technicalities of watershed enhancement and management.

Episode 3 - Survival Knowledge

Now entering the height of their survival knowledge Dylan, Jade and Ruby arrive on the shores of Panmure Island where they are greeted by Elder Marie and Fire-Keeper Mathew, who are ready to teach the youth how to prepare a fire to cook a traditional meal and bake bread in the sand.

Episode 4 - The 24-hour Survival Challenge

Dylan and Ruby, the last two remaining, paddle the Morell River to the location where they will be setting up camp for 24-hours. When they arrive, they access the area and quickly begin to gather materials to build their shelters.

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