Real Faces

City: Fredericton
Genre: Docuseries
Host: Robert Gow

Real Faces is a show about larger than life people. Their stories are joyful, tragic, strange and sincere. They range from the exhilarating to the horrifying. We interview people like MMA Fighters, Drag Queens, Soldiers, Refugees and Residential School Survivors.

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Episode 1 - Memory Loss Victim - Forgetting Yesterday

After a traumatic brain injury, Katrina O’Neil forgot the previous ten years of her life. When she woke up from her coma, she had no memory of the birth of her three children.

Episode 2 - Alien Expert - There’s Something in the Sky

Stanton Friedman was a world-renowned expert in all things UFO. In 2019, he passed away at 84. This episode delves into his life’s work.

Episode 3 - Ketamine Therapy Recipient - The Chemistry of Ketamine

Trevor Bungay is a former sergeant in the Canadian military. He walks us through his experience with PTSD and how ketamine therapy has helped him.

Episode 4 - Drag Performer - Smooth as Silk

Heather Silk is one of the most beloved drag queens in Fredericton. Heather explains the appeal of drag and takes us to one of her performances.

Episode 5 - Prepper - The End of the World as we know it

After 20 years of military service, Cary Baker opened up a survivalism store. Cary talks with us about how society could collapse and what we should do to prepare ourselves.

Episode 6 - MMA Fighter - Not Guts, No Glory

Jake “The Beast” Cunningham is getting ready for his first fight in 10 years. This episode analyzes what drives Jake to engage in such a dangerous pursuit.

Episode 7 - Ukrainian Refugee - Starting Over

Alisa Fartunasa is an 18-year-old refugee from Ukraine. She arrived in Canada in mid-May. Her home city is currently being occupied by Russia and her father is a member of the military.

Episode 8 - Residential School Survivor - Hell on Earth

Vaughn Nicholas is a former chief of the Tobique tribe. As a child, he suffered through the Residential School system. He discusses what it was like surviving in one and the lasting effects it has had on his community.

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