Prairie Hearts

City: Winnipeg
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Nicole Wruth

Prairie Hearts is an all-student production from Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, Manitoba. Each episode is centered around different people from Western Manitoba and their unique stories.

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Episode 1 - Grandview FM & A Matter of Faith

In “Grandview FM”, meet radio entrepreneur Jarett Robak. who ran a popular pirate radio station broadcasting across Winnipeg. before he was shut down. Now, Robak wants back on the air, and this time he’s doing it by the book. In “A Matter of Faith” ,go behind the scenes at Calvary Temple Church in Brandon, Manitoba. Long before the pews fill up on Sunday morning, a team of staff and volunteers are working together to produce a production worthy of any theatre or music venue.

Episode 2 - A Trip down Galaxy Lanes/Anastasia Jane

In “A Trip down Galaxy Lanes” Lincoln Jordan takes us to Melita, Manitoba’s bowling alley, Galaxy Lanes, which has been providing entertainment to the community for six decades, and having once had full time employees running it, it is now solely volunteer run, and operates totally on donations and cash from fundraisers put on by volunteers. In “Anastasia Jane”, Brandon musician Anastasia Jane talks through her album “Confessions From a Closet”. She takes the viewer through a journey of her story of coming out as a transgender woman and how it relates to the music she writes and her performances

Episode 3 - Batson Boxing/Escaping Reality

In “Batson Boxing”, meet a family of fighters from Brandon, Manitoba, including former number-one-ranked welterweight Roddy Batson and his two sons, Rodman and Ryker. Watch as the sons prepare to carry forward the legacy of their champion father. In “Escaping Reality”, join Cullen Shaluk as he explores a new twist on escape rooms – a blend of the latest virtual-reality technology with classic problem-solving puzzles. Cullen shows us how this high-tech entertainment is user-friendly - suitable for any family or group of friends.

Episode 4 - A State of Play/Now is the Time

"State of Play” introduces Aaron Fairweather, originally from Aberdeen, Scotland. Aaron moved with his family to Canada in 2012 and his early feelings of loneliness were swept away thanks to the community he found among his fellow gamers. “Now is the Time” features Dannica Robb, an up-and-coming young talent in local musical theatre in Brandon. Producer Kaie Thompson tells us about how Robb got her start and her evolution as a performer with Mecca Community Musicals and other performing arts communities.

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