Peep: The Great Migration

City: Atlantic
Producer: Anas Nannis
Genre: Docuseries

The extraordinary tale of a juvenile semipalmated sandpiper’s first Great Migration, from the lower Canadian Arctic to the balmy wintering grounds of northern South America. A tiny shorebird that cannot swim, Peep will complete this 4,000 kilometer, 72-hour non-stop flight over the open ocean to reach his destination, facing numerous threats along the way.

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Episode 1 - Frozen to Fundy

Hatching from a small speckled egg nestled in a depression in the frozen tundra known as a “scrape,” the odds are already stacked against Peep when his life begins. At a mere two months of age, he undertakes his first great migration to South America alongside hundreds of thousands of other semipalmated sandpipers, headed first for the Bay of Fundy to store up fat for the long flight ahead.

Episode 2 - Double or Nothing

Upon arriving to the Bay of Fundy, Peep must eat enough on the mudflats to double his bodyweight in roughly two weeks’ time. He must also spend sufficient time roosting to conserve energy for the journey ahead. Threats are once again all around him; with each potential threat he must carefully consider the cost of energy used to evade it.

Episode 3 - The Great Migration

After feasting on the bounty of the Bay of Fundy mudflats, Peep is almost ready to embark on his southward migration. As he prepares to take off, he finds himself caught in the net of shorebird biologists. They are studying the birds in the hopes of contributing to conservation efforts, tracking data on many of Peep’s characteristics.

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