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Victory Garage

City: Saint John
Director: Tyler Burr
Genre: Docuseries
Host: Greg Hemmings

On Victory Garage, host Greg Hemmings and his entrepreneurial friends embark on a mission to start a new electric vehicle company in their home town of Saint John, New Brunswick. Follow along on this rare glimpse behind the scenes of a tech startup, and watch the challenges and victories the team experiences as they develop a new electric motor from scratch.

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Episode 1

Classic car fanatic Steve Belyea decides to explore the option of converting his beloved classic cars into electric vehicles, and recruits the help of EV Powertrain expert Isaac Barkhouse, and entrepreneur/environmentalist Greg Hemmings.

Episode 2

Greg, Steve, and Isaac explore options to break into the EV market, discovering the unique challenges presented by the up-and-coming EV sector, combined with pandemic supply chain issues. If they’re going to make their EV dreams come true, they’ll have to do all ALL by themselves, and build their motor from scratch.

Episode 3

Isaac and Aarij discuss what’s involved in building an electric motor, which type of motor they want to create, and what EV industry problems they can improve upon.

Episode 4

Having built their first prototype, the Victory team start designing improvements for their next motor iteration. They hire a new team member, Jack Campbell, who helps Victory manufacture and present the company’s second working motor.

Episode 5

The Victory team builds their first, full-scale electric motor. With an approaching deadline, the guys combine advanced manufacturing technology and old fashioned elbow-grease to get their newest motor operational and ready to present.

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