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My Best Ride

Director: Jeff Eagar
Genre: Outdoor Adventures
Host: Brian Sharp

On My Best Ride, host Brian Sharp meets up with motorcyclists who take him on completely different riding experiences through Prince Edward Island’s exhilarating terrain. Each trek ends at a destination with special significance to the riders be it their home or business, whether it’s a beach, farm or favorite coffee spot. Experience Prince Edward Island and its valleys, red roads, ocean views and lupin fields from the perspective of a biker and the passion that drives them to ride despite the dangers they’ve all experienced.

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Episode 1 - Eric Gilbert

Eric has years of exciting motorcycling adventures all over the world and his motorcycle jacket has the stitches to prove it. When not on the heritage dirt roads of PEI, or backcountry of Ecuador, you can find him making delicious chocolates at his family's business in beautiful Victoria By the Sea, PEI.

Episode 2 - Jason Knockwood

Jason is an Indigenous rider from Abegweit First Nation. He is a member of the motorcycle club, REDRUM, which represents the Red Drum, the heartbeat of Mother Earth and its people. When not on his classic Harley in a straightway, you can find him contributing deeply to his community.

Episode 3 - Erin Gillespie & Jocelyn Adams

Erin and Jocelyn are a married couple who love to ride together on the winding roads by the ocean near their farm. When not on their bikes, you can find them talking all things bikes on their podcast Salty MotherClutchers.

Episode 4 - Brian Willis

Brian Willis’s grandfather, a motorcycle dispatch rider during WWII, is his inspiration for why he rides. He loves riding home, along a red dirt road to Willway Farm, where he grows flowers, bringing natural beauty into people’s lives.

Episode 5 - Mikayla Bevan

Mikayla and her riding partner Hank, the plush unicorn, will not be missed on the red roads of PEI. Her pink tutus, and horned helmet bring smiles to those she rides with and by. Mikayla loves the twisty turns of PEI roads at knee dragging speeds on her orange sport bike, ending at her favorite coffee shop.

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