Through the Woods with Justin Barbour - Poster

Through the Woods with Justin Barbour

City: Atlantic
Director: Justin Barbour
Genre: Sports

Justin Barbour goes on a long expedition through Newfoundland & Labrador’s most remote woods with his dogs Saku and Bear. There is first class-rarely seen wilderness galore. Together the companions explore, challenge themselves and kick back by the fire. The peace, beauty and unpredictability of nature is all around them.

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Episode 1

This series consists of 2 winter expeditions. The first begins in Newfoundland as Justin and the dogs venture into the faraway interior woods for a month. Justin moves by snowshoes and hauls a 250lb toboggan. The team pushes their way towards the vast 2,895km2 Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve.

Episode 2

The adventures continues from atop Middle Ridge, Newfoundland. Cold-stormy weather, beautiful nature and a scary incident is encountered.

Episode 3

The expedition is in its final stages. Justin and the dogs tour the first class Bay Du Nord Wilderness reserve. Rations are getting low so Justin hopes for fish, rabbits or grouse to help keep bellies from getting too hungry.

Episode 4

The second expedition of the series is in the charming and unforgiving Labrador interior. The winter is cold and Justin chooses to take only his Malamute, Bear. They embark on a one month journey through the rarely seen Eagle River Plateau ecoregion.

Episode 5

Justin and Bear push towards the Eagle River and its tributaries with hopes of getting a glimpse of the nearby Mealy Mountains. The country is unknown to them and surprises await around each corner.

Episode 6

Justin and Bear continue to explore the white and frigid Labrador wilderness. But Spring is coming. They have to be careful they don’t get caught deep in the bush when the inevitable mild, wet weather arrives.

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