Weekend Warrior - Poster

Weekend Warrior

City: Halifax
Director: Caley MacLennan
Starring: Lyndsay Anderson
Genre: Outdoor Adventures

Adding a part-time sport to your life brings so many positive benefits. And it’s a lot easier than you think! Lyndsay Anderson takes us on an exciting tour of all the great active hobbies anyone can get into. From rock climbing to surfing, Lyndsay gives us a firsthand look into trying sports for the first time.

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Episode 1 - Like Riding a Bike

With so many options, biking can seem like a tough sport to break into. Lyndsay starts at Cyclesmith to get the lowdown on what a newbie like her needs to get rolling.

Episode 2 - Don’t Look Down!

Lyndsay conquers heights and her fears as she tackles climbing for the first time. She starts indoors at East Peak Climbing and ends her adventure climbing up the side of a cliff meters from the Atlantic Ocean.

Episode 3 - Get in the Ring

Lyndsay and her friend Julie lace up for their first time at a boxing club, and Lyndsay suits up for Judo. Instructors Jason and Vanessa have her flipping and falling like never before!

Episode 4 - Surf’s Up!

Lyndsay reunites with Julie to try out surfing… in October! After conquering the frigid waves, Lyndsay dips into the Northwest Arm on a kayak. And it isn’t long before she makes an adorable new friend.

Episode 5 - The Big Top

Lyndsay links up with Jarvis to learn how to hang from silk at Iness Studio. Next, she drops in to Titans Gymnastics club to see what to expect from an Adult Drop in class.

Episode 6 - The Cutest Sports

Lyndsay explores the world of sports with animals! She kicks off her adventures with Darren at Todd Hill Farm to learn how to ride a horse. After, she takes her adopted Chihuahua to see if they can teach her old dog a new trick.

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