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Year: 2020
Genre: Lifestyle

Averie Rose is a small town kid who has been fishing since she was seven days old. It's not a hobby, it's a passion. Now she's on a mission to get other kids hooked on the sport that she loves so much.

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Season 1

Episode 1

Averie joins Paul Castellano to catch a summer bag of small mouth bass’ in Fort Erie and he teaches her some of his best fishing techniques.

Episode 2

Pro-angler, Derek Strub teaches Avery the ins and outs of tournament fishing in Niagara Falls.

Episode 3

Avery catches a muskie for the first time when she heads to the Niagara River with YouTube fisher, Lady Bass in search of small mouth bass.

Episode 4

Avery heads to Long Point with pro-angler, JP DeRose and searches for small mouth bass

Episode 5

Avery takes to Crystal Beach with Simon “The Ice Man” Frost and catches a surprise fish!

Episode 6

Avery and her 8-year old sister, Clara search for large-mouth bass in Port Rowan.

Season 2

Episode 1

After a 25 year break from fishing, Averie re-introduces her grandmother to the sport, while taking advantage of Ontario’s free fishing week.

Episode 2

Musky madness sets in, as Averie catches several fish of a lifetime with professional guide, Mike Parker.

Episode 3

After spending months fishing alone due to restrictions associated with the pandemic, Averie decides to tackle a late fall five fish limit all by herself.

Episode 4

Paul Castellano introduces Averie to a new approach to catching monster Hamilton Harbour common carp.

Episode 5

After struggling for several days on her own, JP Derose jumps in the boat with Averie and teaches her some new techniques for late fall largemouth bass.

Episode 6

Averie brings her very own Grandpa Bonin out to fish the Niagara Bar, in an attempt to land the biggest lake trout of his life.

Episode 7

Averie joins tournament angler Steve Barnett as they search for ONE BIG BITE, and compete in the Big Bass Megabucks tournament.

Episode 8

Retired police officer Richard Brouwer introduces Averie to an incredible winter fishery, accessible by boat, out of Port Dalhousie.

Episode 9

Averie brings her little sister Claira out onto the main basin of Lake Erie in an attempt to catch a monster summer bag of smallmouth bass.

Episode 10

Averie joins Grand River catfish specialists Steve Hardcastle and Liz Vink in the channel catfish capital of Ontario.

Episode 11

Averie joins tournament angler Alicia Raytrowsky as they break down Nanticoke shoal and catch Alicia’s biggest ever Lake Erie bag of smallmouth bass.

Episode 12

Averie leaves her bass rods at home, as she joins salmon tournament pro Mark Pedersen trolling for late fall chinook salmon.

Episode 13

Tournament angler Derek Strub teaches Averie how to target shallow water fall smallmouth bass.

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