Make me a Manitoban - The Make Me Show

City: Winnipeg
Genre: Outdoor Adventures

The adventure-comedy upstarts Chris and Trevor had trips lined up abroad. However, disaster struck when they couldn’t get their passports renewed on time. Now stuck in Manitoba for the winter, they‘re determined to make the most of it by rediscovering the adventure in their home province in Make Me A Manitoban.

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Episode 1 - Make Me a Shinny Player

Seeing the city while in skates inspires Chris and Trevor to revive their “childhood fame” as hockey players - but an inability to skate and a canine philosophy leaves the two in over their heads as a group of local shinny stars don’t hold back.

Episode 2 - The Winterpeg Games

With an entire province shivering in unison, the Make Me Guys find themselves on a quest for gold in a bone-chilling Winter Olympics – Winnipeg-style: unsalted side walking, window scraping, and bus waiting.

Episode 3 - Make Me an Ice Fisherman

Strange surprises lurk deep beneath Lake Winnipeg. While an anxious Trevor is troubled by sobering visions of a historic serpent, Chris wrestles with commercial fishing and navigates two stone-cold Icelandic siblings determined to meet their quota.

Episode 4 - Make Me a Voyageur

It’s pea soup, sashes, and wooden spoons as the Make Me Guys try their mittens at voyageuring on the coldest day of the year. Trevor and Chris stick close to home and visit Western Canada’s largest winter festival: Festival Du Voyageur.

Episode 5 - Make Me a Dog Musher

A classic tale of the tortoise and the hare - except featuring the Make Me Guys and a roster of fired up sled dogs. Trevor’s third grade French education comes in handy with a pack of francophone pooches while Chris requires an emergency “rescue” as he fights to survive deep in the woods of a Winnipeg suburb.

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