Life by Water

City: Halifax
Producer: Lawrence Taylor
Genre: Outdoor Adventures

Biologist and underwater photographer, Lawrence Taylor, shares past and present adventures exploring the wonder, mystery and history of the spectacular ocean front, lakes and rivers which surround Halifax.

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Episode 1 - Back to the sea

Lawrence, a young boy at the time, embarked on an adventure with his family and cinematographer father. Little did Lawrence know how this journey would shape his destiny in ways unimaginable.

Episode 2 - Takes a sea to raise a community

Host Lawrence Taylor, unveils the bond that drives Halifax’s diving community, from student divers to seasoned aquanauts, to this silent world: a world that once defined global economies when king codfish ruled.

Episode 3 - SS Atlantic (part 1)

Lawrence , on that seemingly ordinary afternoon 25 years ago, sat down for an interview with his old dive buddy, the irrepressible Greg Cochkanoff. Little did they knowthat their conversation would become an indelible thread woven into the fabric of history.

Episode 4 - SS Atlantic (part 2)

Lawrence presents the gripping second chapter of the SS Atlantic's tragic saga. Here, tales are spun not just by historians and scholars, but by the very souls who have dared to venture where the ocean holds its secrets.

Episode 5 - My back yard

In the tranquil embrace of a snowy winter's day, we find Lawrence embarking on a unique aquatic journey that defies the icy grip of Mother Nature. His vessel of choice? A humble kayak, a portal to adventure on the frozen canvas of his watery backyard, the Shubie Canal.

Episode 6 - Corridor to the sea

Every April and May, Lawrence is up for the challenge of Grand Lake’s icy waters and dawns his dry suit. The reward is capturing the yearly migration of sea-run fish as they pass from the Bay of Fundy all the way to his backyard in Dartmouth.

Episode 7 - Sink it, they will come

Lawrence delves into a housing dilemma unlike any other. In this submerged saga, each passing year heralds the arrival of new generations of marine life seeking their own humble abode amidst an already teeming undersea metropolis.

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