Frontier of Plenty

City: Atlantic
Director: Riley Lamarche
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Possible Williams

Her apartment is being sold, her job is getting old, and 30-something art lord Possible Williams is on a mission to investigate the options beyond the city. Tag along as she meets up with five individuals who have taken a creative approach to country life to achieve freedom from the all-consuming blob of modern capitalism.

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Episode 1 - Bus Babes

Bus life, why would you want to do it? Building code, what is it? Chilling in the forest all day, does that seem cool? Possible Williams heads to the south shore to meet up with Heather and Hannah, two friends living in buses on a secret piece of property.

Episode 2 - A Tale of Two Communes

Possible checks out an off-grid community far from the city where people have shared labour and skills to build a luxurious life independent of the monetary system.

Episode 3 - Growing in Glooscap

Ray moved from the city to Glooscap First Nation to raise his daughters and grow his herbal medicine business. This is what it looks like when you take what you love and use it to support yourself and your community.

Episode 4 - Keeping it Real on Wheels

Possbile has noticed some buzz about #Vanlife but is it a real way to live on a budget? Phil and Dodo have been in a 1985 camper van for an entire year, and they share what the experience has been like.

Episode 5 - The Veggie Oil Hustle

It’s time to leave the city. With apocalyptic fuel costs in mind, Possible links up with a mysterious renegade who has learned to drive entirely on waste vegetable oils.

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