Floating After Farley

City: Atlantic
Director: Martine Blue
Genre: Lifestyle

Filmmakers Martine & Isaac Blue embark on the last chapter of a personal & profound literary odyssey as they sail iconic writer Farley Mowat’s routes along the southern coast of Newfoundland.

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Season 1

Episode 1 - Finding True North

Inspired by Farley and his publisher Jack McClelland, who bought a 30 foot jack boat they named Happy Adventure, Isaac & Martine find their dreamboat, get a sailing lesson and attempt to bribe The Old Man Of The Sea to deactivate a raging tropical storm.

Episode 2 - The Boat Who WILL Float

It’s not exactly smooth sailing for Martine and Isaac. As they struggle with engine issues, we meet their neighbour Gerald who helped Farley when he drifted into Spoon Cove.

Episode 3 - Farley’s Curse

At last underway, Martine discovers that living on a sailboat is not quite as romantic and serene as the images of sailboats conjure in our minds.

Episode 4 - The Old Man Of The Sea Hates Me

Martine and Isaac get caught in stormy seas as friends, family and Farley himself relate conflicting tales of his seamanship.

Episode 5 - Bay of Spirits

Martine and Isaac sail to Farley’s favourite haunt, the fjords of Bay D’Espoir. Isaac and Martine meet folks he befriended, including Chief Mi’sel Joe, an author he inspired.

Episode 6 - Weirdest Curse Ever!

Martine and Isaac land on a magical island where they fall under the same spell that enchanted Farley and Claire over 50 years ago.

Season 2

Episode 1 - An Imperfect Storm

Hurricane Larry devastates the Blues and the community of Epworth, wiping out the historic stage and wharf that Farley tied up next to in 1960. Gerald, a real life character of The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float, recounts a whopper of a Farley tale.

Episode 2 - Etown to Gtown

An Instagram angel named Maude creates a miracle when she offers to hop aboard True North to help the Blues sail from Epworth to Gaultois.

Episode 3 - Will They Ever Get To Gaultois?

This determined crew’s epic voyage around the Burin Peninsula continues. Former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson showcases her Happy Adventure with Farley, publisher Jack McClelland and Farley’s partner Claire.

Episode 4 - St. Pierre & Claire

The Blues ferry to the French Islands to explore the early days of Farley and Claire’s scandalous love affair. Isaac and Martine then tour Bay D’Espoir where the Mowats sailed and lived like itinerant hippies over several summers.

Episode 5 - Moby Josephine

Martine and Isaac travel to the once isolated town of Burgeo where the Mowats lived for 5 years until Farley’s battle to save a fin whale and a new highway prompted Claire & Farley to sail out of Newfoundland. Farley expressed conflicting emotions about the results of his humanitarian & environmental work.

Episode 6 - The Government Game

A flawed resettlement vote for the isolated town of Gaultois instigates a small but vocal movement to stop the vote. The fate of The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float is decided, along with all the characters who floated in it and after it.

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