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My Story, My Lens

Director: Brian Mellersh
Genre: Lifestyle

The personal stories of Ottawa area photographers who use their camera to showcase social issues, fight for social change, or to keep their communities informed and entertained.

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Episode 1 - Sandy Sharkey

Sandy is a wild horse photographer and advocate. She takes us on an emotional journey as we visit and photograph rare Ojibwe Spirit Horses on a farm just outside Ottawa. She then heads out in her community with a friend for some laughter, some pictures, and a conversation about helping wild horses.

Episode 2 - Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller is a photographer, police officer, mom and community member. Her book #IHaveNoWords is a photo essay that documents the feelings of community members after the murder of George Floyd. Debbie takes us out in the community where we meet some of the people who helped her put this impactful and emotional project together.

Episode 3 - Benjamin Dionne

“Laughter is the best medicine” Ben is a photographer, camera operator, director of photography…but he is not much for titles. We join Ben as he heads out in the community and meets some of the friends that helped guide him through some of the most difficult times in his life.

Episode 4 - Roland Bast

Roland describes himself as a social media “father figure.” He doesn’t look like your typical influencer, but his photography has allowed him to reach audiences around the world. We head out for a one of kind bus tour while Roland describes the emotional decision to leave his day job behind, and live his dream as a photographer.

Episode 5 - Josee Lavoie

We follow this inspirational pet photographer for a day as she snaps shots of some cuddly K9s and gives back to her community. Josee meets up with a service dog named Rex, while capturing some beautiful images.

Episode 6 - Brittany Gawley

Brittany took the emotions and grief of a family tragedy and found solace through photography. She is an educator, an activist, a photographer, and a former professional hockey player. We head out for a tour of Ottawa as Brittany shares her amazing journey.

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