Urban Paradoxes

City: Ottawa
Director: Trésor Lubamba
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Jamaal Jackson Rogers

A former resident of community housing, Jamaal J. Rogers, recounts his childhood experiences while meeting current residents of low-income neighbourhoods. His goal is to illuminate the mental, physical, social and emotional conditions of their environment by showing us the depth of humanity that exists in these communities.

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Episode 1 - Childhood House

A tour of Jamaal's artistic retreat at his residence is followed by a tour of where he grew up, the Pinecrest Terrace affordable housing community.

Episode 2 - Pinecrest Terrace Community

While walking around the Pinecrest Terrace community, Jamaal interacts with current residents about various social issues within the neighbourhood.

Episode 3 - Morrison Community

Jamaal meets Gloria, an inspiring model and actor who has lived in Morrison community housing for 25 years. While touring her neighborhood, she shares her experiences of living in Morrison Community and what brought her there.

Episode 4 - Lowertown Community

Jamaal meets Queen Maria, an inspiring writer who has been living in Lowertown for eight years. Jamaal and Queen Maria discuss her mobility issues, her experience living in the Lowertown neighbourhood, and what ultimately brought her there.

Episode 5 - Russell Heights Community

Jamaal meets two teenagers, Joselia and Nehemie, who have lived in the Russell Heights community for more than a decade. Jamaal reunites with Gloria and Queen Maria to discuss the future of their respective neighborhoods while sharing a barbeque with Russell Heights residents.

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