Feeding Canada

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Feeding Canada takes you to the farms in Norfolk County, 'Ontario's Garden' to meet some of Canada's food superstars, the migrant agricultural workers! Over 30,000 workers fill empty roles in Canada's eighty billion dollar agriculture industry. Men and women leave their families for six to eight months a year to earn their main source of income here in Canada.

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Episode 1

Migrant workers explain why they travel to Canada annually for their main source of income and explain why they are 'not taking Canadians' jobs'. From January to March 2020, as Covid set in, international travel was threatened meaning so was Canada's food source.

Episode 2

Migrant workers explain their occupations at home and describe what the work in Canada is like, historically and now. April to June 2020 saw delays in the arrivals of Mexican and Trinidadian workers. The Mexicans were finally given the green light but the workers from Trinidad & Tobago had longer to wait.

Episode 3

Canada's migrant agricultural workers discuss their impressions of Canada. July to September 2020 saw Trinidad workers arrive, a rally in downtown Simcoe ON to end the COVID enhanced racism for the internationally travelling workers, and certainly, in the end, less to harvest. Trinidadian workers in Alberta set to fly home in August were disappointed to hear airports were closed and rerouted to continue working in Ontario.

Episode 4

Norfolk County, 'Ontario's Garden' migrant agricultural workers speak about their futures and what they will do with their money and potential future agricultural investment in their home countries. October to December 2020 saw Jamaican and Mexican workers safely make their way home while Trinidad workers were stuck on the farm until their home countries could facilitate their arrival. This delay caused Trinidad workers to spend Christmas away from their families and in the snow in Canada.

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