Chris & Jan's Ocean Playground

City: Atlantic
Director: Andre Doucet
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Chris Surette & Jan-Sebastian la Pierre

Season 2 out now!

Jan-Sebastian La Pierre & Chris Surette love everything outdoors! See what Nova Scotia has to offer as Chris & Jan bring you along on some of their more unique experiences, which can be challenging and crazy, but are always amazing!

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Season 1

Episode 1

Chris & Jan meet up with a local crew at 5AM to take a Hot Air balloon ride over the valley, giving some of the best views in Canada!

Episode 2

Chris, Jan, and photographer Adam Cornick try for the impossible. With the Supermoon the closest it has been for 86 years, they decide to get into a kayak and try to capture the coolest photo with the moon and the oldest lighthouse in North America. What could go wrong?

Episode 3

Chris & Jan join a group of first-time campers at Kejimkujik National Park to help teach them how to camp.

Episode 4

Chris & Jan travel to Sober Island Oyster farm to forage for their dinner. They meet up with chef Mark Gray to ensure they get a meal they won't soon forget.

Episode 5

Jan takes Chris out to Nova Scotia's surfing mecca, Lawrencetown beach. Unfortunately, he might not have picked the best day for a novice surfer!

Episode 6

Chris & Jan go back to re-live their top 5 most memorable adventures.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Winter in a day

Chris and Jan won’t let -20 weather ruin their day of adventure as they travel to Baddeck Cape Breton to see how many winter activities they can fit into one day.

Episode 2 - Buckets school of sailing

Chris and Jan meet up with their buddy Buckets at the legendary Chester Yatch club for what they think is a day relaxation on the water. Buckets has other plans though.

Episode 3 - Wild Islands

Local Comedian Travis Lindsey has always said how much he wants to visit the wild islands. Well today is that day as Chris and Jan surprise their friend for an adventure he wasn’t expecting.

Episode 4 - Downhill dreams

Both Chris and Jan are avid bikers, but downhill biking isn’t their strong suit. Lucky for them Keppoch Mountain offers an amazing location and skilled instructors to help them race to the bottom.

Episode 5 - Mountain Climbers

Franny Mountain is a hard hike at the best of times let along in the dead of winter with 2 feet of fresh snow. However, Chris, Jan and their friends Davey and Sky can’t wait to climb to the top and experience a view few people ever get to see.

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