City: Atlantic
Director: Herbie Sakalauskas
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Jeff Ward

Reconciliation is a series about Indigenous history and culture. It looks at difficult topics such as residential schools, systemic racism and how real action is needed for true reconciliation to happen. Host Jeff Ward introduces guests who bring firsthand knowledge to the topic of reconciliation. It is a moving, educational and eye-opening series that tackles difficult topics and will teach you what reconciliation should be.

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Episode 1 - Residential Schooling

Jeff Ward introduces his mom, Yvonne Paul Meunier, a residential school survivor. She talks about her time at Shubenacadie Residential School and the abuse she suffered, and how it has affected her life since. She is joined by her grandson Gregory Oonig Paul-Ward and talks about the importance of a person’s hair within Indigenous communities and the strength her family has given her through her recovery process.

Episode 2 - Lost in Translation

Jeff Ward begins this episode by singing the Honor Song, and talks about its origin and meaning and how certain words and meanings can often be lost in translation. He focuses on the term ‘Indian time’ which has been used in a derogatory way for many years but it’s true meaning is actually quite spiritual and meaningful to his people.

Episode 3 - Treaty Rights

Jeff Ward invites his nieces, Sophie and Dia Bernard to talk about Treaty Rights. He teaches them about the importance of the drum, being a spirit that represents the mother’s heartbeat. Jeff sings two songs that have been passed on from one generation to the next and the teachings from these songs about the Treaties.

Episode 4 - Systemic Racism

Jeff Ward is joined by Clifton Cremo, a Mi’kmaw standup comedian from Eskasoni. They talk about how the system is racist against Indigenous people, and Clifton uses humour to talk about serious issues. He hopes that with more discussion, the system can be broken down and systemic racism will no longer exist.

Episode 5 - Spiritual Ceremony

Jeff Ward invites Elders Pauline Bernard, Katy MacEwan and Jane Meader to share their stories about spiritual ceremonies. Pauline and Katy reflect on their memories growing up in Membertou and the teaching and learnings they learned from their families. Jane speaks about the spiritual ‘Walking Out’ ceremony and how Indigenous people honour Mother Earth.

Episode 6 - Real Action

Jeff Ward, Pauline Bernard, Katy MacEwan and Jane Meader talk about Truth and Reconciliation. They talk about how certain actions can be deemed ‘low hanging fruit’ and that real action needs to take place for true reconciliation to happen. They teach about the colonizing history of Canada, the lack of truth being taught in schools and what needs to happen for reconciliation to mean something.

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