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Coastal Kitchen Tales

City: Atlantic
Director: Matthew Millen
Genre: Food

Coastal Kitchen Tales brings viewers on a culinary journey across the western part of Nova Scotia. These local cooks are characters who know how to a spin a good tale. The series showcases the natural beauty of the coast, its abundance of local produce, and deep traditions that go back many generations. This show connects viewers to these traditions in a genuine, personal way, and satisfies the insatiable curiosity we all have about how other people cook, eat and live.

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Episode 1 - Jason

Lunenburg native Jason Bourgoin grew up on the docks of this UNESCO world heritage town. As a teenager, he worked as a ‘lumper’ on scallop boats. That experience inspired him to become a culinary entrepreneur. Jason relies on the bounty of the sea to create new offerings like seaweed-smoked mussels, grilled lobster and scallop ceviche.

Episode 2 - Wendie

Activist, artist and teacher Wendie Wilson is proud of her African Nova Scotia roots. That pride is evident in the food she shares with family. Corn bread, baked beans with ham hock, green beans and salt cod fish cakes are dishes her mother made, handed down from memory.

Episode 3 - Rappie Pie

At an historic Acadian village in West Pubnico, a descendant of the original settlers becomes the face of 1900. As she and a friend prepare famous Rappie Pie, a beloved Acadian dish made with potatoes. After lunch, they enjoy a cup of tea with another Acadian traditional food, molasses cookies.

Episode 4 - Sarah

Sarah Batten comes from a long line of bakers, and her baked goods are taking the past into the future. In Lunenburg County, one ingredient has a rich history – rum. That was the inspiration behind Sarah’s new venture, Lunenburg Rum Cakes.

Episode 5 - Stéphane

Stéphane Levac is still learning about his roots. He was adopted as an infant by a French family in Ontario. But this indigenous self-taught chef has truly found his place in Nova Scotia. He and son Christopher journey through the Annapolis Valley to forage for ingredients like juniper berries, mushrooms, and seaweed.

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