There You Go

City: Winnipeg
Producer: Clinton Skibitzky
Director: Michael Linton
Genre: Food
Host: George Hudson

Chaos ensues on ‘There You Go’ when Chef George Hudson challenges a food-delivery-service-dependent young adult to make a simple meal on their own in less than 45 minutes. Chef George teaches how to successfully make a simple and inexpensive meal in less time than it takes for delivery.

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Episode 1 - Teddy’s Redemption Burger

While Teddy has experience making ‘cakes from a box,’ he doesn’t know how to make a basic hamburger, and is challenged by host George Hudson to make a burger and wedges in less than 45 minutes.

Episode 2 - High Steaks with Lexa

Lexa’s busy cheerleading schedule means food preparation is usually put on the sidelines. When host George Hudson challenges her to try and prepare a hearty steak dinner with potato and vegetable sides in less than 45 minutes.

Episode 3 - Ethan’s Tortilla Tribulations

Ethan thinks he knows how to make quesadillas. However, when host George Hudson challenges him to use real chicken thighs and make fresh tortillas instead of using processed chicken and pre-made wraps, Ethan quickly realizes he might have bitten off more than he can chew.

Episode 4 - Jack and the Egg Salad

Jack has an addiction to meal delivery and doesn’t know how to make even the simplest meals himself. Now Chef George Hudson is going to challenge Jack to make this simple sandwich all on his own to see if he can avoid ordering in.

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