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Art & Soul

Director: Tyler Warren Ellis
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Kim Cookson

Art & Soul is where everyone with no experience can dive in and start to enjoy art for health and happiness. Kim Cookson gives you art tips that are doable, affordable, and portable!


Episode 1

One of the best ways to start to draw and feel comfortable with a pencil and paper in your hands is doodling. Just give it a try and don’t think of anything but the fun of dashing around the page!

Episode 2

Introducing more creative lines within the inside lines of your doodle drawing creates more energy to your piece! Experimenting is lots of fun to let go some more!

Episode 3

Now things are really cooking! You have created your doodle, poured more energy into your drawing with a variety of mixing and matching lots of lines and now you’re ready to colour! Pick your favourite colours and just start filling in the doodle as if it were a colouring page, but you have created it!

Episode 4

Apply the first three lessons to a new doodle and create a variety of colour combinations with paint, coloured pencil, and pastel whatever you have around the house will work. Just keep experimenting with whatever you have to use and let go of judgement, finding the mantra for your happiness! You're bonding with the materials now and seeing for yourself what you can create.

Episode 5

Art is meditation in motion. With only a few materials, you're ready to create and have fun1 Follow Kim o the journey of creating art with no intentions other than to get outside of your head, relax and experience the joy of it.

Episode 6

Find peace of mind in the art of mixing paint. Learn how mixing paint as well as using everyday pictures and simple art materials can bring out your unique create gifts.

Episode 7

How many times have you written your name in your life? A few, at least! Follow Kim and create an art piece using your name. Get your art pantry ready, find your cozy space, and explore a terrific process to quiet your inner self-critic.

Episode 8

Everyone has a deep well of creativity and collaging is just the art experimentation to bring it out! Join Kim and the simple process of cutting and pasting. It is easy and has a gentle way of relaxing the mind to bring out your inner creativity. Most of all, it will help you face your fear of art making.

Episode 9

Set your worries free. External help is on the way by turning on your favourite radio station or any music that moves your spirit and maybe your feet too! Let go and paint. Feel it, don't think and just do. Try using newsprint to paint on. Join me and let your feelings come out on the page with no intentions and feel great!

Episode 10

Take a load off the anxiety of drawing. No need to learn just trace with the simple help of carbon paper. Find out what the acronym N.U.T.S means and how it can help promote creativity for happiness. Bring out the art supplies you already have at home and come along with Kim on Art & Soul and discover the art in your heart.

Episode 11

The more you see the more you see! Increase your art skills and calm yourself by simply drawing your hands. The connection from your head, through your heart and out into your hands is a journey worth trying because drawing is meditation in motion and everything is literally at your fingertips to do it.

Episode 12

Reduce if not eliminate the drama of learning perspective. Find out how you can become unconsciously skilled to consciously skilled. Just try and practice with Kim's simple art tips as she shares her knowledge so you can follow along and in the process develop your creativity for your health and wellness.

Episode 13

Come and play with Kim on a journey of creating an imaginary art piece to have fun and dabble in the world of art. Don't think just do and follow along with Kim to be a kid again and play with art. Use any medium you have around the house to create a playful imaginary picture. Hobbies such as art lower your blood pressure and increase your happiness quotient!

Episode 14

Come and play with Kim on a journey of creating an imaginary art piece to have fun and dabble in the world of art. Don't think just do and follow along with Kim to be a kid again and play with art. Use any medium you have around the house to create a playful imaginary picture. Hobbies such as art lower your blood pressure and increase your happiness quotient!

Episode 15

Sketching is one of the best ways to calm the nervous system. You don't require anything fancy, just a good old 2B pencil and a piece of paper. Learn some drawing and sketching techniques with Kim but most importantly start the process of sitting down to sketch as a form of meditation, to relax and teach your nervous system to like drawing as your "go to" activity to be present in the moment and enjoy!

Episode 16

If traditional art modalities are not your thing but cutting, pasting and collecting stuff is then this is the creative mode for you! Creating an Altered Book or a scrap book is a wonderful way to express yourself and place keepsakes in a book that documents the experiences you cherish. Cutting, and sticking is a wonderful expressive medium to create collages too and at the same time allows you to express your creative self. It's easy and very creative to do. Get out your scissors, glue and a book and stick away for pleasure and fun!

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