The Ice Walk

City: Atlantic
Director: Eliza Knockwood
Genre: Lifestyle

The Ice Walk series exposes a hidden history of the exile of Prince Edward Island’s original inhabitants to a small island off its coast and explores the present-day desire of allies to rectify these injustices. The series holds space for Mi’kmaq Elders and other community members to tell their harrowing stories of crossing the ice to get basic provisions from the mainland. When allies decide to walk the ice in an act of reconciliation, they are challenged to reflect on the commitment they would be willing to make now that they know the terrible truth.

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Episode 1 - The Present

Senator Brian Francis and singer/songwriter/ally Tara MacLean discuss the history behind the upcoming “Ice Walk” reconciliation event where allies will make the historical trek across the frozen river from mainland PEI to Lennox Island and ask forgiveness for the Mi’kmaq community for past transgressions.

Episode 2 - The Memories

Elders and members of the Mi’kmaq community share painful memories of lost loved ones to the treacherous ice crossing before the bridge was built.

Episode 3 - The Truth

As preparations are made for the upcoming reconciliation event, Mi’kmaq Elders and community members speak their truths. Stories of what they had and what has been taken are offered in the hopes that allies will truly grasp the gravity of the present situation.

Episode 4 - The Future

As allies walk in solidarity with the Mi’kmaq of Lennox Island, they are asked what they are willing to commit to now that they know the truth.

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