Sound Proof

City: Winnipeg
Producer: Cam Bennett
Genre: Lifestyle

Sound Proof explores the vintage hi-fi scene in Winnipeg. Get to know a somewhat obsessive brand of music fan who share a common goal: the pursuit of pure, blissful, stereo sound at home.

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Episode 1 - By Design

Patrick Logan built his first pair of speakers when he was a teenager and didn’t build another set until he retired from his education career. Michael Gillespie became involved in the creation of studio monitors that are sought after by producers and artists. David Chen’s first pair of used headphones cost him $25 but now the sky is the limit.

Episode 2 - Hands On

A career in banking did little to prepare Hugh O’Hare for his hobby of saving, fixing, and sharing classic stereo equipment with friends and family. Keith Trumbla likens his vintage equipment to a classic ’69 Camaro in that it is completely irreplaceable. When a rare, dilapidated Clairtone Project ‘G’ console stereo fell into Nilton Branco’s hands, he knew he had to try and save it.

Episode 3 - Time Machines

Some thrifting, an unexpected inheritance, and warm memories of working at a local stereo shop helped shape the varied collections of Ben Strobel, Spenser Payne, Angela Heck and Keith Bowie. These shared stories of how vintage stereo equipment came into their lives form the emotional basis for why their systems matter as much or more than the music itself.

Episode 4 - Vinyl

Musician Paige Drobot grew up in a house where music was revered. Neil Coligan comes to grips with a lifelong passion for collecting music that even he suspects has a best-before date. Record store owner Greg Tonn is riding the wave of the vinyl revival but had to survive some lean years in order to see the resurgence.

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