City: Winnipeg
Director: Marc Greene
Genre: Lifestyle

Tilt Pinball explores the inner workings of the game and shares techniques and strategies to help you realize your pinball potential.

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Season 1

Episode 1

A chance encounter with Ghostbusters at Half Pints inspires a return to the pinball community.

Episode 2

Old friends play No Fear at SK8 Skates and reflect on how pinball shaped their upbringing.

Episode 3

Out-of-this-world action with Space Shuttle at the local curling club, plus tournament strategies

Episode 4

Style, technique, and the “drop catch” are featured playing Fish Tales at The Goodwill Social Club.

Episode 5

Feel that late-seventies vibe with Mustang, and learn the art of the “nudge” without tilting.

Episode 6

A friendly game of Triple Strike, a world record speed-run on TNA, and advanced combo shots!

Season 2

Episode 1 - Monopoly

Monopoly is family fun for all ages and skill levels. In this episode, we share the brilliance of legendary pinball designer, Pat Lawlor. We examine the Lawlor favourites that help you create those classic pinball moments you crave. And our guest shares his takeaways from a tournament matchup with one of his pinball heroes.

Episode 2 - Star Race

Friends, the stars have aligned. Together, let’s get far-out into the great unknown with our feature game Star Race. We’ll take a closer look at how different layouts impact pacing and personal enjoyment. Our guest shares in her experiences in a women’s league and makes many many great arguments for having pinball machines in your home.

Episode 3 - Deadpool

It’s gonna get wacky in this episode featuring the George Gomez-designed Deadpool. Let’s get physical and explore the more athletic aspects of pinball; the slaps and nudges and stances. Our guest is a flow-style player that is ready to get out of her comfort zone to take her game to the next level.

Episode 4 - Whirlwind

The storm is coming — return to your homes! In this episode, we tap into the features and nostalgia of those late 80’s and early 90’s machines to discover what makes them so special. Our guest is a new enthusiast looking for strategies to focus that excited energy.

Episode 5 - Bram Stoker's Dracula

Oh the horrors! In this episode, we combine scary and fun with our feature game the mighty Bram Stoker's Dracula. Our guest is a pinball collector who shares his extensive experience with buying, selling repairs and restorations. He’s also a family man with some great tips for living the pinball lifestyle.

Episode 6 - Avengers Infinity Quest

Celebrate good times and almost seventy-five years of pinball, with the latest and greatest machine: designed by Keith Elwin and with artwork by Zombie Yeti, we’ll be playing Avengers Infinity Quest. You’ll recognize our guest from Season One. We’ll catch up on how his game has progressed and discuss what makes for great pinball across the ages.

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