Exploring the Sacred

City: Winnipeg
Director: Dodie Graham McKay
Genre: Lifestyle

Exploring the Sacred is an intimate and thought-provoking journey to discover how religion, spirituality, ceremony, and ritual and can bring us closer to the natural world. Join author and filmmaker Dodie Graham McKay as she explores the many ways that people use earth-based spiritual practices to connect to the sacredness of the landscape around them.

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Episode 1 - The Keepers of the Sanctuary

In the middle of a hectic and congested city, Dodie meets Hollie Andrew and the other members of The Sanctuary to learn how they have been able to create and maintain sacred space.

Episode 2 - The Herbalist

Dodie meets herbalist Chad Cornell at the St. Norbert Arts Centre. Through his herbal practice, Chad teaches the significance of the plant world as a way to connect to our environment and ourselves.

Episode 3 - The Druid

Dodie meets a Druid, Rod Clutterbuck. Immigrating from the UK in 1975, Rod brought his Druid practices with him. Through nature and creativity, Rod connects with the earth, air, fire and water around him.

Episode 4 - The Heathens

On a farm in southeast Manitoba, a group of modern-day Heathens have created sacred space for honouring the traditions of their Northern European ancestors. Dodie finds out how life on this farm is a daily practice of connection to the natural world.

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