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Sing me home

City: Atlantic
Director: Martine Blue
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Colleen Power

Blow Me Down, Dildo, Pick Eyes, Cow Head, Come By Chance, Witless Bay... Many Newfoundland towns and communities have whimsical and downright bizarre names. Acclaimed, eclectic and bilingual singer/songwriter Colleen Power will explore the province’s most oddly named places, celebrating each town’s history, features, people, celebrations, and its offbeat moniker with an original song.

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Episode 1 - Cupids

Cupids, a town of many firsts. It is the home of Canada's first sawmill and brew house, and its oldest English settlement. Colleen Power travels through this Newfoundland and Labrador town to find out how "Cupids" came to be.

Episode 2 - Quidi Vidi

Quidi Vidi - A town just as charming as its name, no matter how you pronounce it. It looks like a postcard, and the people make you feel like home. Follow along with Colleen as she finds inspiration for her new song on how "Quidi Vidi" got its name.

Episode 3 - Heart’s Content

Home to the first transatlantic telegraph cable, Heart's Content is a town that is small in size but big in history, and of course, big in "Heart". Follow Colleen Power and discover all there is to love about “Heart’s Content”

Episode 4 - Dildo

Dildo, the name itself is an attraction on its own, along with its neighbouring towns "Spread Eagle" and "Come By Chance". But the "Dildonians" are proud of their history, and they explain to Colleen why the name will never change.

Episode 5 - Lawn

Located on the instep of the Burin peninsula's boot, fish harvesters from all over the world came to “Lawn” for its abundance of cod. With Colleen, dig right into the town’s history and get infused by a sea of inspiration to compose a “Lawn” song!

Episode 6 - Fortune

Rich in ecological wonders and maritime history, and a gateway to the French islands of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, you can bet that a visit to Fortune will be a win – win! Spin the wheel of creativity with Colleen to write the luckiest song ever about the town.

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