Beers With The B’ys - Poster

Beers With The B’ys

Director: Ruth Lawrence
Starring: Nick Masters
Genre: Lifestyle

While the rest of the world was on lockdown comedian Nick Masters was able to explore the island of Newfoundland, visiting craft breweries and sitting down with local artists while surprising them with gifts from their past.

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Episode 1 - Baccalieu Trail Brewery – John Sheehan

n the industrious town of Bay Roberts, Nick sits down with veteran comedian John Sheehan. The b’ys have a lot to talk about after Nick does a deep dive of John’s past and reveals some sunken treasures over a couple of cold beers.

Episode 2 - Dildo Brewing Company – Mike Lynch

Tucked away on the shores of Trinity Bay, Nick peeks at the town of Dildo. Joined by fellow comedian and occasional old man Mike Lynch, the b’ys taste a variety of brews, talk about hip-hop, kick flips and Newfoundland culture.

Episode 3 - Landwash Brewery – Colleen Power

Not far from the capital city of St. John’s, Nick checks out the craft beer on tap in Mount Pearl. Accompanied by singer-songwriter Colleen Power, the b’ys catch a buzz, share a laugh and analyze Colleen’s lengthy discography.

Episode 4 - Boomstick Brewing Company – Matt Colbourne

Exploring the west coast of the island, Nick visits Corner Brook, a city built around one of the few remaining newsprint manufacturing facilities in the world. Met by hometown boy and humble YouTube star Matt Colbourne. The b’ys discuss hockey, plans for the future and their mom’s weight - all while drinking in a bougie hotel lobby.

Episode 5 - Crooked Feeder Brewing Company – Liam Small

Hidden away in the woods of the west coast, Nick finds himself in the post-war pioneering town of Cormack. Joined by renaissance crust punk Liam Small, the b’ys discuss wrestling, death metal and all things DIY within the walls of a former family sawmill turned craft beer taproom.

Episode 6 - Rough Waters Brewing Company – The Once

Arriving in the erroneously named town of Deer Lake, Nick meets up with two-thirds of the award-winning folk trio The Once. Together, the b’ys recount a few tales from the road and elaborate on writing a song planning the demise of your significant other.

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