Antiquarian Objects - The Legend of Manitoba

City: Winnipeg
Director: Mihangel
Genre: Entertainment

Lynny hikes across the province, visiting museums and curators, in her search for Antiquarian Objects.

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Episode 1 - The Métis Fiddle

Lynny hikes to Minnedosa to see a Fiddle reputed to be lost by a member of the Riel Rebellion, a fascinating story centred around the Battle of Batoche.

Episode 2 - Van Horne’s Rail Coach

Lynny treks to Fort la Reine Museum for a private tour of the famous CPR Superintendent’s railcar. Her gamble pays off when Mr. Van Horne himself is there to greet her and grants her a private viewing of his private rail coach ‘No. 10’.

Episode 3 - The First Gas Pump

Lynny saunters over to Headingley for a hands-on look at how the first gas-guzzlers were fueled up. Amazed at the advancements in fuel pumps over the decades, she learns that scrutiny over gas prices dates from pumping of the first gallon.

Episode 4 - Copper Spearhead

Lynny treads on over to Hartney to see a pristine example of high-tech stone-age weaponry. She also gets the opportunity to see the latest in modern spearhead technology.

Episode 5 - Violet Guymer’s Embalming Kit

Lynny traipses up to The Pas to learn about the life of Canada’s first licensed female Mortician. Walking through the Sam Waller Museum, she is amazed to hear the story behind one of Manitoba’s most amazing women.

Episode 6 - Steam Whistle

Lynny zips over to The Pembina Threshermen’s Museum in the mood to let off some high-decibel steam. It’s her chance to stoke the fire, boil the water and pull the cord to unleash one of the loudest and funnest noises she has ever heard.

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