Into the Studio

City: Atlantic
Genre: Entertainment
Host: Andrew MacRae

Into the Studio is an exposé that gives you a look behind the curtain at the world of music production. Experience the studio with musicians from across Atlantic Canada during a live recording session. Learn about the struggles and successes of these talented artists, and find out what happens when the record light comes on.

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Season 1

Episode 1 - Kill Chicago

Kill Chicago have a careful knack for weaving heartfelt messages through boisterous rock’n’roll. Combining the vibe of a blues record played at the wrong speed. They take traditional instrumentation, wrap it around a folk skeleton, and make it dance with 70s Brit punk energy. Follow us inside and see how this fan favorite act lays it down, Into The Studio.

Episode 2 - Ben Caplan

Ben Caplan’s sense of viscera can be a challenge to capture onto a recorded medium. Finding room for the vast stories and intimate moments vying for space seems an impossible task. See how it happens on this episode of Into The Studio.

Episode 3 - The Hypochandriacs

Combining influences like George Jones, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash with Memphis rockabilly, doo wop, and classic rock and roll, The Hypochondriacs studio recordings are brimming with excitement. Follow us through this behind the scenes look at what happens when the record light turns on as we go Into The Studio.

Episode 4 - Spoutnique

Spoutnique is a mysterious alt-Disco outfit from Edmundston, New Brunswick, that delivers a highly energetic live show with hypnotic grooves and spacey sounds. Regardless of language they weave a musical path that has something for everyone to love. Follow us through this behind the scenes look at how they put all these pieces together as we go Into The Studio.

Episode 5 - FWLR

If you watch television or play video games, you’ve probably heard Nick Fowler’s music….You just might not know it. He has composed music for shows such as Rookie Blue, Daily Planet, The Social, Degrassi and video games like Fortnite and Rocket League. See what working in an electronic musicians studio looks like and how FWLR collaborates with guest artists on his tracks as we go Into The Studio.

Episode 6 - Mike Bravener

Mike Bravener has been a professional entertainer for almost 20 years. His focus for the last several years has been on Traditional New Brunswick folk music. These historic songs go back generations and are a glimpse into a rarely seen or heard New Brunswick history. See how all this is recorded on this episode of Into The Studio.

Episode 7 - Quinn Bonnell

Latching onto the guitar at a young age, Quinn Bonnell of Esgenoôpetit first nation uses fantastic instrumental ability to combine his singer-songwriter stylings with blues, folk and pop. Featuring a driving rhythm section, steady, on-the-nose vocals, and intricate guitar work, see what happens when he takes his team of crack musicians Into The Studio.

Episode 8 - Motherhood

Avant country? Circus punk? Black metal fusion? None of these descriptors adequately portray the range that is Motherhood. Their unique sound bends your ear and then turns you on it, if you get too comfortable. In the box recording thinks outside the box on Into The Studio.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Like a Motorcycle

Like A Motorcycle is a melee attack with a soundtrack. Their live show holds nothing back; scuffles with the audience, feeding the crowd whiskey from squirt guns, even biting each other’s clothes apart. You never know what to expect.

Episode 2 - Zamani

Zamani’s unique blend of R&B, soul, pop, and urban jazz coupled with her ability to create music that is expressive, compelling and relevant is what allows Zamani to attract an eclectic and diverse audience. See how this self-made singer, songwriter, and producer makes her sound come alive on this episode of Into the Studio.

Episode 3 - Marian

A rock band based on shameless hooks and harmonies, Marian’s sound and style is straight out of the mid-seventies. Working directly with some of the East Coast’s biggest musical influences such as David Myles and Joel Plaskett, their sound has evolved into something that is sure to stand the test of time.

Episode 4 - Montgomery Street Band

The Montgomery Street Band have dedicated themselves to carrying on the folk music traditions of the Maritimes. These avid street performers boast an extensive catalog of old time music while also incorporating the blazing tempos and dynamic energy of a full fledged jam band.

Episode 5 - Rich Aucoin

Halifax based indie-alt pop musician Rich Aucoin is known best for his high energy live show. Featuring confetti cannons, parachutes, wildly vivid visuals, and a literal surfboard for crowd surfing; his live show is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Episode 6 - Elm City String Quartet

Established in 2019, the Elm City String Quartet was brought together by their passion for chamber music and a desire to share their love of quartet repertoire with their home town of Fredericton. Since then, the quartet has been captivating New Brunswick communities with their broad programming and charismatic playing.

Episode 7 - Dylan Menzie

PEI’s Dylan Menzie made an indelible mark in the talent-rich Atlantic Canadian music market. His blend of earnest folk music anchored by organic instrumentation, and lush soundscapes defined by digital flourishes and off-kilter experimentation allow him to balance perfectly between a nostalgic familiarity and starry-eyed wanderlust.

Episode 8 - The Tortoise The Hare & The Millionaire

The Tortoise The Hare & The Millionaire are grounded in a sort of no-nonsense, straight-shooting southern blues rock. Propelled by boundless energy and unapologetic love of guitar driven rock and roll, they have earned themselves an impressive following becoming one of Fredericton’s most sought after live performances.

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