Heather Rankin’s Red Shoe Sessions

City: Atlantic
Producer: Heather Rankin
Genre: Entertainment

Singer, songwriter and actor Heather Rankin hosts her own TV series, recorded at The Red Shoe Pub in Mabou showcasing local talented singers, songwriters, and musicians from Cape Breton Island.

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Episode 1

Heather performs Bruce Cockburn’s iconic “Going Down the Road” and joins Lucy MacNeil of the Barra MacNeils on “Chasing the Sun” written by Fred Lavery and Gordie Sampson. Lucy also performs solo, “Dance With Me Daily”.

Episode 2

Heather performs the classic “North Country” and joins special guest Jenn Sheppard in a duet of Jenn’s original song “The Good Ground”. Jenn also performs her original song “I Think I Can”.

Episode 3

Heather performs the beautiful classic “Gillis Mountain” and joins guests Rodney MacDonald, Margie Beaton and Andrea Beaton on a rendition of Tell My Ma (Including Molly Rankin's Reel). Heather’s guests also perform a medley of traditional tunes.

Episode 4

Guest Kim Dunn performs his original song “Inspiration” and joins Heather in a duet of the iconic “Take This Hammer”. Heather performs “Moving On” with the band.

Episode 5

Kenneth MacKenzie with Margie Beaton and Patrick Gillis perform traditional Scottish and Cape Breton tunes and Heather solos on “We Walk As One”.

Episode 6

Guests Rachel Davis and Darren MacMullen perform Darren’s original song Queen Street Reels, Heather performs the classic Fisherman’s Son written by Jimmy Rankin.

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