City: Oshawa
Starring: Benjamin Blais, John Fleming & Jeff Hanson
Genre: Entertainment

Each episode of BrawlStars re-enacts a real life fight, punched up with movie magic. A high-octane mix of stunt choreography and dynamic interviews with the heroic Canadians who lived to tell the tales.

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Episode 1 - Full-Grown Man-Napping

This first episode packs a punch, when the BrawlStars meet Dave, a Pickering local with a cautionary tale for the ages. After a local crew blackbags Dave, the only thing he can do is fight his way to friendship.

Episode 2 - Where the Wild Things Were

The BrawlStars interview Big Sean, one of Durham’s most notorious bouncers, about his wildest night on the job. Re-imagined as an 80’s, spine-tingling horror, a cavalcade of creepy characters teach Sean to never judge a book by its cover.

Episode 3 - The Porch Crawler’s Ballad & other troublesome tunes

Carol tells the BrawlStars about the day her family's legendary pool party was crashed by some out-of-town strangers. It’s up to her and brother to dole out justice, while the BrawlStars learn that it’s always worth the drive to Ajax.

Episode 4 - He’s Not Gonna Take It!

Paul tells the BrawlStars a coming-of-age tale about inner strength and standing up to bullies. In the summer of ‘85, a Young Paul is forced to defend his friends from a heavy metal menace, while the BrawlStars learn the awesome power of Rock ’n Roll.

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