City of Shadows

City: Kingston
Producer: Steven Spencer & Brent Nurse
Genre: Entertainment
Host: Sean Roberts

Every city has its secrets. City of Shadows shines a light into Kingston’s dark past, revealing the world just beneath the surface and just outside the law.

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Season 1

Episode 1

In the 1890’s, a rash of grave robberies rocked the city. Who was behind this wave of ghoulish crimes? The answer lies in the hallowed halls of academia.

Episode 2

Norm Conley was just a poor islander with a heart that belonged to the river until prohibition offered him a life of adventure, prosperity and danger.

Episode 3

In 1971, a riot broke out at Kingston Penitentiary. Inside, a power struggle threatened to plunge the prison into madness.

Episode 4

Just beneath the green lawns and playgrounds of McBurney Park lies a vast burial ground. Dig into the past of Kingston’s infamous Skeleton Park.

Episode 5

Explore Ontario’s unquiet relationship with alcohol is explored as cunning entrepreneurs find ways to skirt the LCBO’s iron grip.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Sir John A. Confidential

From the gutters straight to your door, take a look at Teflon Johnny A, who grew from a punk lawyer in Picton to become the first Prime Minister of Canada, surviving scandal after scandal.

Episode 2 - Prisoners of Fort Henry

Built to defend the Saint Lawrence from American attack, it was used to hold prisoners instead. Its history is marked by escapes, hangings and even a beer hall.

Episode 3 - 1972

Built as a model for technologically advanced prisons, Millhaven Penitentiary’s reputation was permanently scarred by the largest mass escape in Canadian history. One night in July, a chase began that would take law enforcement to across Canada and to the other side of the globe.

Episode 4 - The Hidden War

The invasion began centuries ago, and continues this day. The enemy: Rats. Follow the day-to-day struggle to drive back the invaders and reclaim our city from the rodent menace.

Episode 5 - Follow the Arrow

In the summer of 1927, racism in Kingston reached a peak with a Ku Klux Klan rally that attracted 25,000 people. Follow the rise and fall of the first iteration of the Klan in Canada.

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