Drawn To It: Behind The Screens

City: Saint John
Genre: Entertainment
Host: Brian Finlay

Veteran animator Brian Finlay takes the audience on a step by step journey of what it takes to make a 2D animated cartoon. With expert guests and amazing support talent, Brian demonstrates each step on the animated short “A Good Day To Draw”.

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Episode 1- Story

It all starts with an idea. Host Brian Finlay talks about the steps of concepting a story before animating it. Brian also shares some back story of his own and sits down with former Disney animator, Ricky Knowles at NBCC Miramichi to talk about the best way to become an animator.

Episode 2- Character Design

Brian takes a look at designing a character from concept to animation ready. He asks former mentor and animation veteran Brian Lemay for insight. The “Barry the Bear” character design is created and ready for the next stage of production.

Episode 3- Sound and Dialogue

Join Brian as he spends an afternoon at Trillium Studios owned by famed recording producer Paul Milner. Brian directs voice recording artist John frank and we hear from sound designer and composer Norrie Henderson.

Episode 4- Storyboards and Animatics

Time to bring the script, characters, and audio together. Brian shows the storyboard process and we visit with Gregory Grondin at Heroes' Beacon Comics and Games to see how storyboards and comic books have a lot in common.

Episode 5- Rough Animation

Legendary Disney Feature film animator, David Pruiksma (Beauty and The Beast, The Little Mermaid...), gives advice on approaching rough animation. Brian talks about the rough animation process for the animated short “A Good Day To Draw” and shows examples.

Episode 6- Clean Up

Super talented and legendary Disney Feature Film 2D Animation Clean-Up artist, Emily Jiuliano, shows the skill needed to become a great clean up artist. Brian shows off clean-up work from the animated short “A Good Day To Draw”.

Episode 7- Compositing

Thanks to the talented team at Stellar Boar Productions, Brian is able to show the compositing process where all the final artwork is brought together to create the final film. We also showcase the final 2D animated short “A Good Day To Draw”.

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