The Human Crush

City: Ottawa
Genre: Entertainment
Host: Eric Eggleston

The Human Crush highlights the human connection and trust factor that feed the collaboration process while making art, in this case music. Each episode brings a different artist's story to light and together, with music producer Eric Eggleston, a new song is created from scratch in just a few hours.

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Season 1

Episode 1

Special guest is Alanna Sterling, a virtuoso singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who also deals with depression and anxiety. The beginning of the episode features a bonus COVID-19 inspired song and video performed by handful of artists in isolation.

Episode 2

Special guest is Drew Gonsalves, a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who lets Eric takes his Calypso grooves to a new place.

Episode 3

JW Jones and Tyler Kealey (singer songwriters who specialize in the Blues) talk about Ottawa's love of the Blues and how the genre has secret Indigenous connections.

Episode 4

Eric demonstrates that music genres have no boundaries by writing and producing a track like no other. A few artists collaborate remotely with Eric to get this produced completely in isolation.

Season 2

Episode 1 - The Valley

Eric heads up to the Ottawa Valley with friend and songwriter Eli Boucher to do some fishing and to collaborate with 4-time Grand Master fiddle champion, Louis Schryer.

Episode 2 - The Tucker House

Eric travels to the Haunted Tucker House in Clarence Creek to set up a studio for the day/night. Alongside recording engineer Paul Mitchel, Eric and a group of musicians work on a song titled the Kraken, and discuss the impact that the pandemic has had on their music careers.

Episode 3 - Josef

Josef Saad is a talented singer and songwriter who has had to overcome many obstacles to get into the right frame of mind to create art. Together, Josef and Eric write and record an infectious track in just a few hours. The guys also enlist jazz musicians Kelly Craig and Michel Delage to add their magic onto the song.

Episode 4 - Stanleyville

Eric attempts to get his band from childhood back together to produce a song that is influenced by the hard rock music of their youth. The gang sets up a makeshift studio in an old stone house in Stanleyville, west of Ottawa.

Episode 5 - ilvekyo & Rachael Brown

In this 2-part episode, we learn how the pandemic has decimated one industry while bolstering another. We visit St-Joseph's Catholic Church in the heart of Orleans to record one our talented musicians.

Season 3

Episode 1 - Boy With The Accordion

Eric joins his friend and piano prodigy Tyler Kealey at his family property. Deep in the bush, they set up a makeshift studio and he lads write and record a song inspired by friend who is transitioning.

Episode 2 - Shepherds of Hope

Learn how the Shepherds of Good Hope help feed and house Ottawa’s homeless. Plus, Eric collaborates with soul singer and Detroit native Michael Hanna as well as the London Trio Plus Gospel Choir.

Episode 3 - Chesterville Chef

Eric heads out to rural Chesterville to visit with musician turned chef turned musician Jeff Hagerman. They have an important discussion on the mental health struggles that often plague the professional cooking world.

Episode 4 - Songbird

Eric and international touring artist Lynne Hanson set up shop at one of Ottawa’s oldest live music venues, Irene’s Pub, to record a new song.

Episode 5 - Willow Sounds

Eric sets up his makeshift studio at the Willow Sound Records headquarters in the serene countryside near Metcalfe, outside of Ottawa. Eric’s collaborator is vocalist Sam Stone.

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