Above Murphy’s Pub (Season 2 coming on May 14th)

City: Quebec City
Producer: Guillaume Lwazo Sirois
Director: Clement Desjardins
Genre: Entertainment
Host: Randall Spear

Through music and historical anecdotes, Season 2 of Above Murphy’s Pub aims to unite Quebec's English and French communities, reviving cultural vibrancy in the old city.

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Season 1

Episode 1 - Old Town Poetry

The poet Aurian Haller and the host, a poet himself, Randall Spear, engage in insightful conversations about their favorite poems, poets, and literary movements in Quebec City. Randall and Aurian offer viewers a unique and inspiring look at the power of poetry that moves and touches us.

Episode 2 - The Wolf : Public art and Québec City

Host Randall Spear is joined by sculptor and visual artist Guillaume Tardif, creator of The Wolf, situated in Limoilou in downtown Québec City. They discuss the visual arts scene of Québec, the pros and cons of being artist in a smaller city and how the landscape of Québec is a true inspiration to the working artist.

Episode 3 - The Old Theater… and the new

Québec City is now known worldwide as one of the best French-speaking theatre cities. The young director, Rosie Belley, explores the history - and future - of this art-form in Quebec with host Randall Spear.

Episode 4 - What About Music?

For more than thirty years, Michel Côté has welcomed some of the best acts in the world to the Grand-Théâtre and has seen the local music scene bloom and create what we now call the Québec Sound. He joins host Randall Spear to discuss what makes a music scene vibrant is rich and insightful.

Episode 5 - Action! Cinema in Quebec City

Since Alfred Hitchcock shot his movie I Confess near the Château Frontenac, Québec City has been known as a cinematic city. Cinematographer Jeremy Peter Allen and Randall Spear discuss the legacy of Hitchcock’s movie and the impact on Québec City’s cinema.

Episode 6 - To Beer or Not to Beer

The first brewery in North America was established in Québec City. Since then, beer and creativity has played a major part in the development of the city. Randall Spear explores the different styles and the pacifying place that beer has in a multicultural city like Québec City.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Quebec's Circus Tapestry

Guest Érika Hagen-Veilleux discusses the evolution of circus arts in Quebec, showcasing her expertise and dedication to the field. Her insights offer a captivating journey through the rich history of Quebecois circus, revealing both its challenges and successes.

Episode 2 - The new Quebec music scene

Steve Guimond delves into the impact of Quebec's cultural resurgence on its thriving music scene, scrutinizing how this revitalization has fostered musical innovation. Throughout the discussion, Guimond sheds light on the myriad influences shaping Quebec's music culture revival and emphasizes the pivotal role of local artists in reshaping the province's musical terrain.

Episode 3 - Verses Alive

Valérie Forgues, a guest poet, shares insights into Quebec's vibrant poetry scene, highlighting its diversity. She explores the transformative impact of the Maison de la littérature, emphasizing its role in nurturing creativity and community engagement.

Episode 4 - Crafting Spirits

Baptiste Gissinger ventures into Quebec City's burgeoning distillery scene, unraveling its challenges and triumphs. He unveils the swift evolution of local distilleries, spotlighting the innovative spirit and artisanal mastery propelling the city's spirits resurgence.

Episode 5 - The new chefs

Guest Allison Van Rassel explores the influences of French and American cuisine in Quebec restaurants. She sheds light on how new chefs travel the world to bring in fresh influences and how Quebec restaurants benefit from these journeys, offering a dynamic culinary diversity.

Episode 6 - Heritage in Stone

Through the expertise of historian Paul Burroughs, we uncover the layers of meaning embedded within the city's buildings and architecture. Burroughs' insights shed light on how architectural design serves as a tangible link to the past, connecting residents to their heritage.

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