Sunshine City (Season 2 coming weekly starting April 17)

City: Kitchener
Director: Jake Horowitz & Andy Lewis
Genre: Entertainment

Host Roberta Muffin is back as she attempts to solve an infamous cold case at an isolated estate on the outskirts of Orillia. However, as the true crime special goes off the rails with each new commercial break, Roberta must uncover the truth before the credits roll.

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Season 1

Episode 1 - Trainwreck

Local Expert Roberta Muffin starts her first day of work hosting a new travel show about a charming cottage country town. Producer Jojo and director Axel start to notice that Roberta may not be the local expert she claims to be.

Episode 2 - Spill the Tea

Roberta turns to director Axel for advice to get on Jojo’s good side, and struggles with keeping her own secrets hidden. Then Roberta discovers a dark secret of Jojo’s, and confides in Axel about whether those secrets should be revealed.

Episode 3 - Tunnel Vision

While exploring the hidden tunnels beneath Sunshine City, Roberta digs into the dark and forgotten history of the town. As she tries to keep her own secrets in order, Roberta struggles with revealing Jojo’s secret in a last ditch attempt at blackmail to save herself.

Episode 4 - Life Imitates Art

When the show gets shut down, Roberta is forced to confront the secret she’s been hiding for years. Now, she must choose between a life in her new community and the original agenda that brought her to Sunshine City.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Part I

Roberta Muffin and her co-host go over the details of the Magic Murders as they attempt to set the record straight regarding conflicting clues and multiple suspects.

Episode 2 - Part II

Roberta and her co-host interview the prime suspect of the case and hear his side of the story. As the caretaker goes on the record, things start to derail when questions about his mysterious personal life are brought up on live TV.

Episode 3 - Part III

A mystery guest unveils new information about the case as Roberta struggles to continue the show on her own, following the mysterious disappearance of her co-host.

Episode 4 - Part IV

A new confession comes to light as Roberta pieces together the real story of the Magic Murders.

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