Bri & Cord’s Sites Unseen

City: Atlantic
Director: Wes Holmes
Genre: Entertainment
Host: Brianna Follett & Cordelia Richards

Bri Follett and Cord Richards explore Newfoundland and Labrador's lesser known destinations. From Mistaken Point to L'Anse aux Meadows, Bri and Cord immerse viewers in local culture, exploring the creepy lore, popular roadside attractions, haunted hot-spots and unique locations from across the island.

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Episode 1 - Mistaken Point/Dildo

Bri and Cord head to Mistaken Point and Dildo, uncovering the mysteries and peculiarities of these unique Newfoundland destinations. In Mistaken Point, the duo explores ancient fossil sites, delving into the province's geological wonders.

Episode 2 - Bonavista/Elliston

Join Bri and Cord as they explore the enchanting landscapes of Bonavista and Elliston. In Bonavista, the duo immerses viewers in the rich history of this coastal town.. In Elliston, they delve into the local folklore and meet a circus of puffins.

Episode 3 - Thorburn Lake/Twillingate

Bri and Cord venture to the roadside attractions at The Lakeside at Thorburn, competing in a high stakes game of mini-golf. The girls then travel to the Prime Berth Museum in Twillingate, where they are immersed in the maritime history of this charming coastal community.

Episode 4 - Glover’s Harbour/Robert’s Arm

Bri and Cord embark to Glover's Harbour, where they meet the world’s largest mollusk. The girls also travel to Roberts Arm, where the legend of a sea monster awaits. The hosts explore and investigate these local monsters, while showcasing the unique character of these towns.

Episode 5 - L’anse Aux Meadows

Bri and Cord travel to the UNESCO world heritage site of L'Anse aux Meadows, unraveling the mysteries of this ancient Norse settlement. Against the backdrop of rugged landscapes, the duo explores the archaeological wonders and cultural richness of the area.

Episode 6 - Quirpon Island

Bri and Cord land on Quirpon Island, the most northern point in Newfoundland. Also known as the Isle of Demons, our hosts explore the island's unique charm and untold stories, amidst the breathtaking coastal landscapes.

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