Home at Last

Director: Reginald Grey
Genre: Entertainment

Born and raised in Toronto, Reggie Grey took to living on the road full time, always searching for an adventure. He gave all of that up, finally settling down in bucolic Shelburne, Nova Scotia. It turns out that he’s found the adventure that he’s been searching for all along…he needs to learn how to Maritime!

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Episode 1 - Tour of YOUR Town

Moving to the country means dealing with country problems. Reggie is forced to deal with a garbage-bag-terrorizing Nova Scotia red squirrel! His neighbours pitch in and take him on a tour of his very own town, just like the title of the episode says!

Episode 2 - Well Well Well

Homeownership comes with many unexpected issues… often with the worst timing possible. Reggie is forced to deal with the fact that his country town’s water table is low, thus the wells are empty. He needs to make a decision between ego and community!

Episode 3 - Mari-Good-Time

When in Nova Scotia, do as the Nova Scotian’s do. This is the thinking that Reggie deploys whilst entertaining potential Toronto employers at his Maritime home. A most excellent idea, but the seas turn out to be a lot for this Ontario native to handle.

Episode 4 - Farm Aid

Being a farmer is a serious job, with many responsibilities. Reggie has it in his recently city-boy brain that he has what it takes to get rich by cultivating the land despite no experience. Luckily his neighbour, Bubba, has a niece that’s a pro… but Reggie is a tad distracted by his attraction.

Episode 5 - Culverted

As the age ol’ cornfield saying goes, “if you build it, they will come.” Reggie discovers a 1700’s culvert on his property and decides to apply the aforementioned quote in the name of financial gain. Well, ‘they’ (internet hipsters) come and test the patience of Reggie’s small town neighbours.

Episode 6 - Raise the Roof?

When the rains are coming, it’s best to have a sturdy roof… especially in the Maritimes. Reggie bites off more than he can chew with his roofing, and it happens to be on the worst possible day as his neighbour, Bubba, can’t help because of his imminent concert. Many plates are going to need to spin to beat the rains!

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