Free Range Children

Genre: Lifestyle

The Szarka family is new to raising backyard chickens. They're basically like children with feathers. And clucking. And egg-laying. How hard can it be? This family is about to find out.

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Episode 1

Everything wants to eat chickens! Join this family of novice backyard chicken keepers as they figure out how to keep their hens safe from the many predators lurking around their coop.

Episode 2

When Penelope becomes egg bound, the Szarka family must decide whether she becomes an eating chicken or remains their beloved pet!

Episode 3

When Mabel’s breast feathers keep getting plucked out, the Szarka family tries to determine if their hens are just figuring out a pecking order or if there is something more serious going on.

Episode 4

The Canadian Winter is coming and the Szarka family has no idea what to do to get their hens to survive until Spring! Good thing they have an amazing community of backyard chicken farmers to help them along the way.

Episode 5

Michelle and Michael dream of a hen house worthy of celebrity status. To turn their dreams into reality they need to visit a few other coops to gather some inspiration!

Episode 6

Now that the Szarkas think they know what they’re doing, it’s time to add some new hens to their flock. Just when they’re on their way to get some designer chickens they find some chicks in need of a home!

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