Heart to Heartland

City: Winnipeg
Director: Tanner Grywinski
Genre: Lifestyle

Heart to Heartland is a series that features two prominent Manitobans having a conversation about why they love living there, why they chose to stay, and how the province has shaped who they are. No matter how far their careers have taken them, something has compelled them to put down their roots in Manitoba.

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Episode 1 - Mitch Bourbonniere and Darcy Oake

Outreach worker Mitch Boubonniere and illusionist Darcy Oake are two men who have experienced huge outpourings of adoration and experienced unimaginable suffering. They discuss how drugs and addiction have shaped who they are but have also helped spawn a level of community they didn’t know they had.

Episode 2 - Murray Pulver and Jennifer Hanson

Throughout their careers, guitarist Murray Pulver and singer Jennifer Hanson have met some of the most interesting people and been to some of the wildest places. They discuss touring, playing music for a living, and why Winnipeg is still and always will be home.

Episode 3 - Sachit Mehra and Lennard Taylor

Food and fashion are very well represented in Winnipeg by these two industry leaders. They sit down in Lennard’s Exchange District studio and take a walk through a downtown Japanese garden.

Episode 4 - Dayna Spiring and Obby Khan

Dayna is the head of Economic Development Winnipeg, and a past chair of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Board of Governors. Obby played center for the Blue Bombers, and now runs multiple businesses in Winnipeg. They have a conversation about why they love their city so much.

Episode 5 - Sara Orlesky and Norva Ridell

Sara is the Winnipeg Bureau Reporter for SportsCentre and the host of Winnipeg Jets broadcasts on TSN. Norva is a Senior Vice President at True North Sports and Entertainment, and is in charge of the many partnerships the team has within the community. They talk about their careers in sales and broadcasting, and how being in Winnipeg has influenced who they are.

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