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Tracking the Ten

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On Tracking the Ten, 10 Jewish boys celebrated their Bar Mitzvahs together in Oshawa in 1973. All these years later, host Alan tracks each boy, now men, one by one to do some much needed catching up on how their lives have turned out since their Bar Mitzvahs.

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Alan tracks down Ted, who was in his Bar Mitzvah class in Oshawa in 1973 to find out how life has worked out for him. Ted shares some riveting information about his role in helping to save lives when a crisis occurred in Alberta.


Alan tracks down one of the most memorable guys in his Bar Mitzvah class, Evan. Alan finds the Rabbi who taught ten teenage boys their Bar Mitzvah lessons to find out if he lost his mind while doing it. Alan also tries to track down Dan, a classmate in the Bar Mitzvah class who doesn't seem interested in participating.


Alan tries to find Mike, who was in his Bar Mitzvah class in Oshawa in 1973. Mike is extremely hard to find and Alan does everything he can to track him down. Alan also finds Martin, who shares what he has been up to since his Bar Mitzvah 49 years earlier.


Alan looks for and finds Larry who attended Bar Mitzvah lessons with him in Oshawa 49 years earlier. Larry discusses overcoming a health scare and his love of music. Alan shares a major personal epiphany that happened while shooting Tracking the Ten, something that changed his life forever.


Alan tries to track down Frank, but he doesn't want anything to do with coming on camera. Alan also finds Shawn, a respected professional who shares his memories of being in a Bar Mitzvah class 49 years earlier in Oshawa with nine other guys and how his Bar Mitzvah impacted on his life.


Alan tracks down David, a member of his Bar Mitzvah class from Oshawa in 1973. David was a serious student who had a very good sense of humour. 49 years later, he is an ER doctor. He shares his thoughts about how growing up in the 'Shwa shaped him as a younger boy.

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